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    My Food Storage Smart Packaging

    My Food Storage has  a very unique and effective packaging method that adds value to our meals by providing great protection and easy use and storage, making them easy to prepare.


    Nitrogen-Flushed Pouch   

    Our quick and easy-to-make meals are securely sealed in airtight nitrogen packed pouches. This process effectively vacuums out most residual oxygen and then flushes the Mylar pouch with nitrogen. The preparation process is then made easy because you don’t have to find and remove any oxygen absorbers in the pouches.  Our scientifically innovative packaging method guarantees a 25 year shelf life.


    Efficient Family-size 4-serving Foil Pouch

    We package each meal in individual Mylar pouches in order to get the most out of each entree. Many of our competitors use #10 cans, which are not as efficient and lead to food spoiling once the can is opened. Once open, you must eat all the contents of the #10 can, which is realistically wasteful given the amount within, and it is only one particular food item. The Mylar pouches, on the other hand, are much more efficient at storing your food and providing the right amount. They are even re-sealable, and provide the option to eat what you want, when you want.


    Convenient Plastic Container and Grab-and-Go Handle

    We didn’t stop at the impressive Mylar pouches, however. We took it one step further by storing our 4-serving bags in durable and space saving plastic buckets. These are compact 4 and 5 gallon square buckets that are easy to stack and stow away in a small amount of space. They also have sturdy handles to provide easy moving and stacking. These small, lightweight buckets are so easy to transport that even a child could carry a month’s supply of food, if necessary. The buckets are also multi-functional and can provide many uses in any emergency situation, such as digging or disposing of waste.


    Easy Stackable Design

    Our containers are specially notched on the bottom to provide easy stack ability. This easy stacking method requires no more space than the amount a washer and dryer take up, to store enough of our ready-made meals to last an entire year for a family of six.

    This is yet another way that we stand out from our competitors. Typically, food storage takes up a lot of space that many people do not have; we provide a new and much more efficient method.


    Re-sealable Pull Tab Lid

    Our buckets have convenient pull tab lids that allow you to quickly and easily open, close, and reseal your food storage.