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    My Food Storage long term meals are ready-made and carefully sealed in specialized packaging. The meals are sealed in individual nitrogen flushed Mylar pouches that preserve the natural flavors and nutrients of each meal. Then, those pouches are stored and sealed in durable plastic buckets that can be stacked together to save space. Our thorough and unique way of packaging removes most of the residual oxygen through nitrogen flushing and oxygen vacuuming.

    All of this allows for us to provide a 25 year shelf life guarantee, with no rotation necessary. The outdoor line has a 7 year shelf life and is ideal for campers, hikers, hunters, and more.

    The best way to ensure your food storage shelf life is to keep it in a cool, dry location, like a basement. Although our products are made to endure the elements (moisture and light especially) there is always a risk of overexposure. Ideal storing temperature would be between 50-55 degrees. As with all freeze-dry and dehydrated food, try to avoid hot and humid locations.

    Because our meals do not need any rotation like other food storage products, when you buy from My Food Storage, you are saving yourself thousands of dollars in the long-term as food prices continue to increase.